Can A Pregnancy Test Be Wrong Or Not

There is only one purpose why home pregnancy tests are created and that is to ascertain the pregnancy feeling of a woman. However, women tend to be doubtful as well and would start questioning like “can a pregnancy test be wrong?” this question might be difficult to answer since there are several types of home pregnancy test. Each type of home pregnancy test clams that they are accurate and reliable. You got positive pregnancy test now what? However, how do you know? Can a pregnancy test be wrong when the instructions are not followed correctly? When can it be? What are the situations it can be wrong?

Let’s discuss first on how the usual pregnancy test works

Every home pregnancy test would require a urine test of a woman. A woman has to use the first morning urine since it is believed to have more human chorionic gonadotropin hormone. Can a pregnancy test be wrong when you do not use your first urine in the morning? There are no proven facts that your second or third urine could alter the result of pregnancy test.

When doing the home pregnancy test, you are expected to share a few drops of your urine on the home pregnancy test stick. So can you receive a false positive pregnancy test when you only drop your urine once? There are many factors that could be considered. It is important indeed to do the home pregnancy test as instructed on the leaflet. It is possible to be false if you do not follow the instructions carefully. Remember that home pregnancy test could also provide you a similar pregnancy test results with those done by the doctor if administered properly.

Can a pregnancy test be wrong if pregnancy test is used more than once?

Surely, the result of the pregnancy test will be affected if the pregnancy test is used more than once. Once you have peed on the pregnancy stick, you are no longer allowed to use the pregnancy test again. So definitely it could be wrong. Never think to pick again the used pregnancy test stick. Some reasons are noted why you can not reuse the pregnancy test stick. Used pregnancy test sticks are dirty, and no longer reliable.

Due to some factors, yes- home pregnancy test could go wrong. It happens to some women whose home pregnancy test is negative yet, when they go to see a doctor, the pregnancy test result is positive. Do not forget that seeing your doctor for pregnancy test is the most accurate way of confirming your feeling of conception.

When can a pregnancy test be wrong? There are some incidents that can be considered as possible answers for that question. When there is not enough HCG Hormone in your urine, it can also give you a false result. Also, when the pregnancy test is done too early you can get false pregnancy test. A pregnancy test should be done 10-15 days after the missed period.