Birth Control: Mirena Review

When there is no intent to get pregnant after having one child, the Mirena IUD sounds pretty good. There is a 99.9% accuracy of Mirena preventing pregnancy for 5 years. To me, when I was 17 and did not want another child until I was much older, it sounded like a God send. I will tell you that Mirena IUD did it’s job of preventing me from getting pregnant for 5 years. However, there were numerous things that I did not like about it.


It states in the known side affects that ovarian cysts may occur, but will typically go away on their own. During my time with Mirena, I always had cramps that made me want to tear my hair out. I did not know what the pain was and I just assumed that I was getting ready to start my monthly. I started paying more attention to the pain when my period would not follow. I went to the doctor and she said that it was most likely a cyst that was being squeezed. I am pretty much allergic to pain and anything to do with it.


They forgot to tell me about the discharge that may accompany the Mirena. It mostly happened when I was at work and moving around a lot. I went to the doctor, and she told me that there are two likely reasons for the discharge.

1. It may thicken the cervical wall mucous to prevent the egg from being able to attach.
2. She said this was the probable cause of my discharge: the Mirena may rub against your ovaries making them produce more androgen, causing the leakage. This also led to the growth of what I termed “man hairs” in places where men generally have hair. Not a nice thing.

Tenderness of the breasts

My breasts became so tender that it would almost bring me to tears sometimes. I did not even want to have my child on my lap for fear that he would squirm and hit them. I was afraid that I had breast cancer all the time and the pain was always there.

Feeling the strings

Unfortunately during intercourse your partner can feel the strings, making for great discomfort. I was always afraid they were going to poke and hurt him. The doctor reassured me that was highly unlikely, but the thought was always there.

I have had my Mirena removed and have noticed a sharp decrease in the vaginal discharge and my breasts are no longer tear-jerkingly tender. I had a bad experience with it, and for 4 1/2 years I dealt with it. I am not saying that it can happen to everyone, but you need to take everything into consideration when choosing a birth control. I have went back to Depo-provera and am much happier in my decision.